Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bob the Batter

It's baseball time!! My boys are so so pumped. I'm a touch hesitant to get back in the swing of baseball 5 days a week but they can hardly wait. Both will be pitching this year and have been practicing in the back yard. Matt made a side comment to me last week that what they really needed to help their aim was a "fake batter."

Of course, I had to go inside and google "fake batter." Guess what? There are fake batters out there. They run you from $300-400. There was no way that was going to happen, so, I got this crazy idea that we could build our own. When I mentioned it to Matt he just rolled his eyes. Another one of my crazy ideas. He had no clue, but Home Depot with 4 kids, here we come!

A nice man helped us gather our necessities and away we went. We unloaded our plywood and traced our baseball batter. I grabbed my power tools without having to call Matt at work. :)

We cut out a right handed batter (Ben's right handed) and a leftie - just like Brett.

They each painted their batter.

And waaaalaaaaa! It cost us about 10% of the ones online and a fun day.
Matt was pretty shocked and we loved every second of it!! You can see the batting cage is up and ready for action.
Let's just hope "Bob the Batter" makes a difference! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

He's a singer. . . dancer . . . chef . . .

Multiple times a day, Brik will plow through my pots and pans, searching for just the right one. Then he'll dig through the drawer filled with spatulas, spoons, and ice cream scoops and pick out about 6 things to cook with. Then he'll shove a stool over to the stove and load all of his stuff on the counter and start "cooking." He will stand there mixing and singing and dancing for the longest time.

I wish I had pulled out the camera sooner. His little head shake, shoulder wiggle and knee bend were in full force a few minutes before I grabbed my camera - of course!