Monday, January 26, 2009

Forget fashion, we are all about function!

See that car in the lead with what looks like band-aids on it? Yep, that's ours! Matt and Brett worked for hours getting his car "just right." Paint, axels, wheels, stickers, weights, (and a few things I'm sworn to secrecy about) . . . I could go on and on. They weighed this car over and over to get it just perfect. It was hand carried in a ziploc bag -UPSIDE DOWN - to the derby. I'm not sure why it had to be upside down - maybe I'm giving away another secret. Who knows? Matt was going to meet us there, straight from work.

We arrived, checked the car in, and it was weighing way too light!! Brett started freaking out. I knew Matt would be dying as well. I whipped out my wallet, dumped out a load of quarters and started taping them to the top of the car. All that time getting the car "just right" and now it's got a load of quarters taped to the top. So much for the paint job! We were all about function at that point. A quick call to Matt, who was stuck in traffic, just got me giggling. I thought he would have a heart attack as he tried to reach us.

Cheering Brett's car on!

Amazingly, he ended up with first place! Wahoo Brett! I kind of like to think that a few band aids and some extra weight can make you a real winner! If it's good for a car, why not people? Think I'll go have a cookie! :)


Laura said...

Way to go Mom! Sounds like you are the HERO this week. Did Matt make it on time?

Camille said...

Alright, first place!! Makes me realize all that stuff in the bottom of my purse needs to stay there for just such an occasion. Quick thinking!

Gracie looks so big in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Shane had to carry his car in a zip lock bag upside down too. I am thinking our little winners are not telling us everything! Ü These boys take their racing seriously, but it paid off! Way to go Brett.. we are so proud of you! XOXO

Gar said...

I'm staying up until 11:30 PM just to show this to Great Uncle Tom. I have the giggles just thinking about band aids and quarters. The cheering section on the sidelines are exceptional as well. What a team effort ~ Go Hansen's

Erika said...

Jen, I have been so out of blogging that I had no idea you had been posting!!!! Loved catching up on all your goings on and especially all the great pictures.

Congrats to Brett...and I think you should get SOME credit for the quarters ;-) too funny.