Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't breakdown - break through!

This is my new motto. What do you think?

Six weeks since I wrote last. Six weeks of good, bad, fun and not so fun. Mostly busy, rarely slow. Somehow (???) I got overwhelmed, overtired and overdone - but I'm back. :)

It's good to be back. I'm sure Matt agrees. He was putting up quite well with the "stressed-out Me" but I know how tiring that can be. :) Although, I have a cold right now. Thanks a lot Gracie and Brik! As if wiping their noses a hundred times a day isn't enough! It should be against the laws of nature to catch a cold in the summer. I love every single thing that has to do with summer and adding a stuffy, runny nose to it just doesn't fit. I'm downing all the herbs and vitamins in our cupboard. Hope they help!! Any suggestions??

So, what's happened over the last six weeks?

It all started with another funeral. Matt's sweet Grandma, or "3G" as the kids called her, died. That would be our third grandparent to die in the last 6 months. *sigh* Our kids are getting way too comfortable at funerals. We had Brik's picture with her at Easter and then about 2 weeks later she was gone.

She is the reason my kids will be lifelong Dodger fans. (I have yet to convert.) She is the reason that baseball is such a HUGE part of our home.

(the great-granddaughters on the Hansen side)

She always had a dollar in her wallet to give each of our kids and loved to call them cute little "toads." We love and miss her.
One of the grandkiddies accidentally got locked in the car, in a car seat, at the cemetery. A huge fire engine came to the rescue. The kids loved it.

Matt, Mark, Big Mark, DeeDee, Jen and Becca


J+S said...

I'm sorry to hear you have a cold - that is no fun for the summer! I love the fire engine memory of the funeral, and I'm glad you got a cute pic of the kids with it!

Salcido said...

I love your motto! It needs to be made into a sign and sold at the Quilted Bear! You are amazing!

Erika said...

Sorry to hear about Matt's grandma. Sounds like quite the lady. Love your motto and will adopt it immediately.