Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hair - glorious HAIR!!!

Hair. It's been a big topic around our house over the last few months. How long does it take to grow? When should she ditch the wigs? Is it long enough now? How about NOW???? My cute Mom, after months of chemo and radiation for breast cancer, now had HAIR!!!! We think she looks awesome - you'll have to judge for yourself. She now has curls that she never had before!

Dad-Mom - Chris (at BYU)-Me - Julie (my awesome sis) - Joe (her "strong man" husband)
Nine months ago Matt bought some awesome tickets to go see Wicked in San Francisco for the family. As the night approached, I noticed a little anxiety in our home. Brett's baseball team, that Matt was coaching, was winning everything!! They were in first place and their second TOC (Tournament of Champions for all of you without baseball kids) game was the same night as Wicked. Isn't that just great? What to do? Matt coached the game and I took my cute brother as my date. The play started at 8. At 7:58, my phone rang and I got the news that they WON. :) It sure made the play much more enjoyable. Way to go Brett! (I have to share one highlight of the play. Chris went surfing at 5 that morning and crashed half way through. Nice. Hundred dollar tickets and he's snoring next to me! Chris. You owe me!) :)


Chris said...

Hooray, guys! She looks fully classy with that do.

Salcido said...

I think your mom is so cute. She really looks great! Yay!

J+S said...

Jen, your mom is so adorable! How is she feeling?

Congrats to Brett on the game, and don't even get me started on how envious I am that you have seen Wicked!

Erika said...

Your mom looks amazing! Did you love Wicked? I wasn't really sure what to expect when I saw it and was blown away. Loved it. Sounds like a fun night. Of course the baseball campionship was the same night...but congrats to the team!

lmhiserman said...

Your mom looks so beautiful with her new hair, but it's hard not to because she is gorgeous inside and out! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I know, I can't believe we live so close and never see each other either. If you're ever up in Napa, come and see us! We need to do a reuion with everybody. Becky lives pretty close too. That would be so much fun to get together with everyone from the BYU and the dorms!

Savy and McCall said...

hey jen this is mccall i have a question it is you know how you get backgrounds i try to get a new background my it wont let me get the background i dont know what is wrong do you

Audrey said...

I agree with everyone else: your mother looks gorgeous. I actually kind of like the shorter, curlier hair better than the old version!! I'm so glad she's doing so well.