Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's OVER!

Two days ago - thanks to All Stars - baseball finally ended. Today, the batting cage that fills a huge chunk of our yard, just came down. Aaahhhhhhhhhh. Is it really true?Ben set a goal this year to hit 10 home runs. Here's his favorite picture. He just crushed one and is watching how far it will go.Every day he would talk about meeting his goal and what he needed to do to accomplish it. He managed to head into his last game with seven homeruns under his belt. His first two at bats he hit two more home runs. And the count is at nine. One last at bat and one more homerun to accomplish this 7 month goal. I have to admit I was slipping in a few tiny prayers between innings that he would have the chance to make it. He'd worked so hard! He had an awesome hit but didn't quite hit it far enough. Nine homeruns in one season is awesome, and something to really be proud of, but Ben was bummed. Who wouldn't be? He set a goal and wanted to accomplish it. Seven year old's assume that's how it all works. He's a better kid because of it though. Life's full of those character building little lessons. We'll see what next year holds. He still ranks as my #1 pick for the homerun derby! Love you Ben!!

Who would have thought baseball season could have lasted 5 months????? For as much as I love baseball, I never thought it would actually end.

I spent 6 days a week shuffling the kids from one baseball game or practice to another. My dear Matty coached every single one of those practices and games so he was gone just as much as the boys. We ate more dinners on the run, at the snack shack or at 8pm than I care to remember. I reconfirmed to myself that I'm a nervous Mom. Brett LOVES to pitch and he did well this year.

(Can you see the ball whizzing toward a batter in the top corner of this picture?) I'm a wreck when he's pitching. It all started with the first kid he hit. Matt replied to my anxiety with, "It's part of the game." That didn't make it any easier. Then it lead to the pressure that can come from bases loaded, full count and up by one run and you are the guy throwing the next ball. Nightmare for me. Brett lives for it. Deep down I just want to run out to the mound, pluck him up and run for the hills. :) Run Brett, Run!!! This is more than any nine year old should have to bear! :)
I know it's a mom thing. I'll survive. My boys love every single teeny tiny thing there is to love about baseball. For that reason alone, I will gladly spend the next 16 years at little league parks cheering on my favorite players. Go team!

Fan #1. Can't even count how much Big League Chew she went through this season.

Fan #2. Who whould have thought a baby could learn to crawl and then walk at a baseball park? He's even smart enough to know that the snack shack is a cool place to be. Snow cones were his snack of choice.

Until next year . . .


Camille said...

Very cool pictures and it looks like the boys had so much fun this year. For your sake, I'm glad their done! I couldn't imagine doing the baseball thing into July.

Great job Brett and Ben! Here's to 10 home runs next year!

Chris said...

You've got a great mix of sportswriter and nervous mom going there in your narrative, Jen. Loved it. Congrats to the boys on a great season.

JJ Bitton said...

Thats so cool! Im glad the boys had an awesome season! Hey, when can we come up to your house?

J+S said...

Jen, I love how much your family loves baseball!

Julie said...

You're truly amazing, Jen. Love you. Loved the pictures-- especially the one of Gracie :) Good one!!

Salcido said...

what a great recap of the season! you really truly are amazing!