Saturday, March 14, 2009

The first mow of the season! Wahoo!

Brett is usually our "mow-to" guy when it comes to the front and backyard. Gracie wanted to help out so Matt and Gracie performed the first mow of the season. Wahoo! Could it be getting warmer?

As I watched Gracie push the mower around the yard with Matt, it quickly reminded me of a Saturday around Father's Day when I was in junior high school. Being the oldest, my Dad taught me to mow the lawn, and it was much better than pulling weeds, so I liked it. Julie and I were out in the yard arguing over who was going to pull the weeds, as I was mowing the lawn. This was supposed to be a Father's Day gift for Dad. What a laugh. I ended up mowing off every sprinkler head and my Dad spent the whole day digging up the lawn and repairing my mess. He never asked me to mow the lawn again. :)

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Melissa Walton said...

Hey Jen! I saw your blog through Julie's blog. Your family is so cute and it's been fun to see what you guys are up to! I just heard a song called "Gracie" by Ben Folds Five and kept thinking that I had to tell you about it. I'm sure you've heard it - but in case you haven't, you have to listen to it! I love it - and my daughters aren't even named Gracie. I hope you are doing well!! Love,