Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes, I was driving and yes, I took the picture!

So when was the last time you were able to hit 120 mph and actually had your camera ready to prove it? I'd say it was a pretty good day for me! :) Yes, I was driving when I took this picture. Yes, it was last week! We were late for scouts!
What do you think? My boys LOVED it!

Now, to explain. (Just don't tell the police . . . ) My speedometer has been a little fritzy lately. Often times, when it's early and cold outside and we are racing down the freeway late to church, my speedometer would read 20 mph, my car would be going about 70 mph ( i think!) and my heart would be racing 100 mph. We were completely out of sync. I think my car was trying to tell me something. :)

During a leisurely drive on a warm afternoon, my speedometer clocked in at 120. Ca-ching. I was hoping I'd hit 120!! The funny thing was that my heart rate was much slower! What was up?

I've come to a rather profound conclusion. And no, it's not because my awesome-retired-police-detective-father-in-law got me out of a ticket a few months ago! My speedometer was working then! Life wants us to slow down. I actually like not knowing how fast everyone else is going. I find myself driving UNDER the speed limit which is not normal for me! Why is that? It's funny. I think I'm enjoying things a little more and am not so prone to race around. I still have a million places to go and get all the kids to, but the "getting there" seems to be more fun.

I'm sure we'll fix it soon, but for now, I'm enjoying the slow lane . . . Try it sometime! Just cover your speedometer for a quick trip to the grocery store. (Although I'll deny that I ever recommended it!) Let me know how it goes . . .


Camille said...

I said a huge "NO WAY!" when I read your first couple lines. Jen going 120? No way. I know it totally feels like we move that fast huh. Thanks for the reminder to slow things down. I think I'll start by ignoring the laundry and housework for awhile. :)

JJ Bitton said...

Wow thats fast Jen!!! I dont think my mom would do that!! See ya in April!