Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Year . . . a little late

I've avoided this little baby (myblog - not Brik!) until I felt like I had a better handle on my crazy, busy life. Baseball is about to start, basketball is just winding down, swim team forms are due this week . . . Laundry, dinners, poopy diapers, whiny crying, school work and a stack of papers to go through can't touch what I "enjoyed" today. A huge puke in the car. (Thanks, Brik.) Anyone been there? After today, it looks like it will be another month until I get a handle on things. :)

Thanks for listening. :)


Laura said...

You already know I'm right there with you. I'm avoiding those swim team forms. But I did figure out a car pool for baseball on Tuesdsays!

Did your day take a bad turn after the park?

J+S said...

Oh dear. I do hope things get better for you soon! The sun'll come out tomorrow, right?

Love ya.

Cajsa Taylor said...

Been there on the puke thing, more times than I would like to remember!