Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our late Christmas present - Maui!

Boy, do we love Matt. Did I mention that we love Matt? We had so much rain through January that I thought I would cry! I am a sun loving girl and boy did Matt pull through. We were able to finagle a trip to Maui right in the middle of the huge storms that were pounding the heck out of California. It was pure happiness for me. Love you, Matty!
The bugs in Hawaii are amazing. The boys found a huge preying mantis and had so much fun "playing" with it.
They even managed to get it to eat ice cream from their spoon. Gross, I know. (In case you are wondering, preying mantis' are spelled "preying" instead of "praying." We had one as a pet and named it "Enos" for the "Praying Mantis." The more we studied them we found out they are pretty serious carnivores and got the name "Preying Mantis because of it. There's your science lesson for the day.)

While we were there, the Skins Game was going on and Matt was in heaven.

The boys managed to get signatures from all the players and were even called out on the course - during the game - for this one!
Can you see how pumped they were? :)
Gracie hated every second of it. She didn't like being told to be quiet while the players were hitting. She complained that it was hot and she wanted to either go to the pool or go shopping. That was lovely for all of us.
Matt likes to think he makes good sandcastles - but I'm the master. Anyone up for a challenge?

The boys loved doing crazy back flips off the hotel rope swing.

Gracie didn't shy away from the challenge, but was a little more traditional in her entry.

Thanks again, Matty! Love you.

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