Monday, February 2, 2009

Anyone need a NAP?

I am a sucker for gimmicks. I love them. Matt, on the other hand, hates them. He is convinced they are a waste of money and time. I'm always willing to give them a chance.

We were flying home from somewhere that I can't remember, and I was flipping through the Skymall magazine. I love the stuff they have in there. So many neat ideas that I'd love to fill my house with, from cobweb cleaners to garage organizers. I found a full page add on the "Powernap." Anything with the word "nap" catches my attention. I read the first line and was hooked. It said, "Get a 3 hour nap in 20 minutes!" Just what I need.

I leaned over and mentioned to Matt that I would just LOVE something like this for Christmas. (Sleep seems the be the one thing that takes a major hit in my life when things are busy. ) He just laughed at me, rolled his eyes and told me that those things never work. I sort of believed him, but just hoped . . . Christmas came and went and I forgot about my coveted Powernap. About two weeks after Christmas, Matt got home from work and with a huge grin on his face, tossed me a brown envelope. I opened it up and waaalaaaaaa . . . POWERNAP! My knight in shining armor pulled through! :)

Now, I'm sure you are wondering, " Does it work???" I can only give you my opinion. I LOVE it, although I'm pretty easy to please. Every time I've used it, I am out cold and in a deep, deep sleep. I wake up feeling good. Maybe it's because I'm pooped and just needed a plain old nap. Maybe it's because it really does synchronize my REM's and puts me in a deep restful sleep for 20 minutes. All I know is that it works for me, and when I'm exhausted, I can find 20 minutes in my day to refresh. Yea!

(Matt's used it and he reluctantly agreed that it actually might work!!)

Think I'll go take a nap . . . :)

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Julie said...

Right there with you, Jen! Thanks so much for giving one to Joe for his birthday. I'm LOVING it :)