Friday, February 6, 2009

Rollerskating anyone?

From the above pictures, I'm sure you can get an idea of how lame we are at roller skating. We gave it a shot though! Actually, I take that back. Matt is great at roller skating. All he needed was a walkman clipped to his belt and some fuzzy headphones along with a really cool headband and he would have owned that rollerskating rink.

Gracie was actually better than Brett. He came off the rink after an especially bad fall and announced that his butt was bleeding. When we got home, he kept complaining about his sore rear end. After a little more investigating, we discovered a huge bruise! Poor guy!

Brett and Ben's buddies who were also skating with us. Ben named Kyle the "professional."

We escaped without any broken bones. Miracle.

1 comment:

Brett said...

My fanny really did hurt. :)