Sunday, February 22, 2009

"What do you do?"

Matt and I went out this weekend with some of his best friends while in high school. He hasn't seen them in almost 20 years. It was a couple from his home stake that dated while in high school and married shortly after he returned from a mission.

I completely enjoyed our dinner. We ate in Berkeley right on the bay. It was beautiful. I learned little tidbits about Matt that I didn't know. :) The food was yummy and the conversation easy. That is, until one question was asked. It stopped me in my tracks.

I'll give you a little background first. This pretty woman knew that I stayed home with our kiddos. She has 5 kids of her own and is home with them! She is active in their schools and church, runs marathons, and plays sports. She is a happy person.

Now, back to the question. She leaned over the table and asked, "So, what do you do?"

Sounds simple and innocent enough. What do I do? Do you know how your brain can run a millions miles a minute and at the same time feel like you are trudging through waist deep snow? That was me. I immediately pictured myself running from the stove to the laundry to the phone to the bathroom to help a little one and back to pick up a crying babe back to the stove and then to the fridge and then running out the door to move the wash to the dryer back to the fridge ( this time for me) and then off to change a diaper only to realize the new diaper is now dirty and change another diaper and then running to the wash to start a new load and then to the calendar and realize the missionaries are coming for dinner tonight and back to the fridge to see what we had on hand and maybe check and see if any of you have sent a hello on my email . . . You get the picture.

Then the "trudging through waist-deep snow" part of my brain sat in a stupor and thought, "What do I do???"

I can't remember what I answered but it's stuck with me for the last 2 days. What do I do?

I've refocused a bit and now I have a list a mile long.
I do a lot.
And it's good stuff.

I dare you to ask me again.

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momo said...

You do more than any woman I know...and yes, it is good is great stuff!