Monday, February 9, 2009

Can I make a suggestion?

Can I make a suggestion? Cracker and cheese packs don't make good snacks for church.

Should I explain? Yesterday was one of those days I desperately wished Matt sat with us at church. We were late getting out of the house, so I was throwing granola bars and cereal in bags for "breakfast on the go." (No, I don't consider crackers and cheese a breakfast option. Gracie snuck them in the church bag!) Not long into the meeting, Brik became his usual busy and noisy self and on top of that, we were sitting in a quite crowded row, which didn't help. You know when you get itchy/sweaty because everyone is just too close. I was there. No elbow room.

I stood up with Brik in the back of church, not far away, so I could keep an eye on the three other kiddos sitting alone. Gracie came back and stood by me for a short while and then decided she wanted her sippy cup. I watched her walk back to our row, pick up her milk and then disappear. Not good. A few seconds went by and she didn't reappear and I happened to notice the people around her looking in the aisle. I figured out I better check out what was going on and as I rounded the corner, Gracie was sitting in the middle of the aisle with bright orange cheese all over her hand, face and the bottom of her shoe. She was holding her shoe in the air as if she didn't know what to do. She found her cheese and crackers.

Of course the wipes were at the bottom of the church bag and as I went to get them and bring Gracie back to our row, Ben dropped his bag of cereal ( breakfast!!!) and "Oh's" rolled everywhere. While this was happening, Brik was pulling my hair, squealing and trying to squirm out of my arms. It was lovely. Remember, we are sitting in a tight row with NO elbow room. Can you just get a visual of the circus we created yesterday? I took a split second to glace at Matt, sitting calmly, listening to the speaker. . . completely oblivious to my chaos. I just hope we put a smile on someone's face yesterday. Maybe they pointed out to their children how not to act in church. For that, you are welcome. Glad I could help. Next week it's your turn.

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Brett said...

I remember that just like yesterday. Oh, the shame.