Friday, April 3, 2009


I love baseball season. I know lots of moms out there just dread this time of year. Not me. I can hardly wait to be out in the sun on beautiful Saturdays and warm evenings during the week. I love sitting on a blanket, on the grass, cheering my guys on. I love watching little guys make great catches and then watching their dads lose all control and yell, "That's my boy!!" I love the chance to learn inner grit when you've struck out three times in a row and then have to walk back to the dugout and hold in the tears, and head right back out on the field. I love the snack shack. Yep, I do. I love how my boys can talk for hours about line ups and discuss who should play where. I love hearing them promise each other that when they are in the "bigs" (aka major league baseball) they will only sign a contract if they can go together. I think that's my favorite.
I don't love the nervous belly I get each time Brett walks out to the pitching mound. I'm a wreck inside for him even though I know he loves it. I don't love that the first two Saturdays were absolutely FREEZING. We called it "Utah cold." Not good. I don't love that my sweet Matty is just exhausted from coaching two baseball teams for the 4th year in a row. Poor guy is just pooped at night! Thank heavens he loves baseball too!Don't you love that these are the only two pictures I got of our first two weeks of baseball. Not one picture of Brett, Ben or Coach Matt. I'll do better. I have LOTS of baseball games to watch . . .

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