Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday in Utah

We started early with Easter baskets in the morning before church. The Easter bunny didn't visit until after we got home. Gotta love 11 am church!!Brik is pumped to get his See's chocolate egg! So is his Dad!

You can imagine the flurry of activity to get all these bodies dressed for church in a hour! But look what turned out . . .

Gracie still doesnt' really "get" the crazy pictures. She likes to strut her stuff on her own! :)

Go girl.
Now home from church, the kids were all ready for the easter egg hunt! The little kiddies were out first and the older crew had to wait a few minutes. They smiled nice for this picture but 3 seconds later I took the next picture! :)

After making sure everyone had an equal amount of eggs the kids started cracking them open. One of the coolest things about this group of cousins is the "Candy-Soda Bet" they are all on. They have almost gone an entire year without candy. There are a few days off (like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and birthdays) but other than that, these kids haven't had a bite of candy or a can of soda all year! (Don't worry, cookies, cake, ice cream and popsicles are still legal and consumed in large quantities at our home.) They get rewarded with a wad of cash if they make it and I'm sure they will. It's a fun thing to do, knowing your cousins in Idaho and Utah are doing the same thing! Way to go guys we are proud of you!!

Guess who eats all of the candy at our house now . . .


Camille said...

Look at all those cousins! Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Utah. I bet the house was loud and crazy and awesome with all your family together.

Brik is so big! It goes too fast sometimes huh.

JJ Bitton said...

Wow I didnt know how wild we were to get eggs!