Friday, April 3, 2009

The EBF-25!

Happy Birthday Ben!!Ben had two major requests for his birthday this year. He wanted an EBF-25 and an afternoon at Boomers. Have you ever heard of the EBF-25? It is THE most powerful Nerf gun on the market (according to Ben). The thing requires 6 D batteries so you can imagine just how heavy it is. It fires about 30 bullets, nonstop, and brings the greatest smile to Ben's face. He thrills in hiding behind corners and the opening fire as you come near him. Every single visitor that comes to our door has been showerd with bullets as a welcome. It's lovely.Even Gracie has learned how to handle it now and she's a pretty good shot. Boomers is a go-cart, miniature golf, video game, laser tag type of place. Tuesdays are the day to go! We were the ONLY people there for most of the day and Ben was in heaven.I even got a few rounds of laser tag in. I think it was the first time in my life that I've played laser tag and I loved it. Of course it was just Brett, Ben and me in there, running around like crazy and shooting each other. I think I would have been scared to death if there were other people in there!
Matt and Gracie rode this a hundred times while we played laser tag. Gracie could have gone another hundred!

We finished the day off with Ben's choice for dessert, flan!! (What 7 year old wants flan for his birthday?) We love you, Ben!!!

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