Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not the way you want to start your day.

Setting: 7:30 am in Matt and Jen's bedroom. Gracie is on the floor watching cartoons. Enter Matt.

Gracie: Dad, where'd you go?
Matt: Out running.
Gracie: Why?
Matt: So I can keep up with you when you are 15.
Gracie: (chuckling) Dad, I'm almost 16!
Matt: (scared speechless, had no response)


J+S said...

How is it that we daughters know exactly what to say to petrify our fathers? She is learning young. :)

Julie said...

Gracie Girl... she's the best. I've loved reading your latest---and you say you can't write... give me a break :) Love you!


Savy and McCall said...

hey jenny you are awesome thanks for helping me on my blog you are the best aunt i ever had!!! i like how gracie said i am almost 16 that is so cute. you guys are the best cousins i ever had brett and ben and gracie and brik your family is so nice jenny. i love you your the best aunt.


J+S said...

Oh, the comment from McCall is adorable!

Anyway, glad you made it home safely, and it was so nice to see you and your cute family. I was hoping we would make it back up to Mark and DeeDee's on Monday or Tuesday to see everyone before they left, but it didn't happen. See you next time.

Have a great weekend!

Chris said...

My heart just sunk into my gut thinking about Sascha saying something similar.

She already complains in her baby babble to me and it's not hard to imagine her sassing me.

JJ Bitton said...

Oh Gracie is just the cutest thing in the world! I love you Jen! your so awesome and I love it when you bring crafts to utah! love you so much!