Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go BEN!!!!

When we were in Provo, the boys wanted to go see the baseball field because they are both planning on playing for BYU. :) I don't know why it was open, but we walked right in and were able to head right down on the field. We probably shouldn't have - but it was "soo cool" according to the guys! They peeked in the dugout and the mysterious "other side of the dugout." (There's actually a huge batting cage in there as well as the locker room!)
They even took a few practice swings with a bat left in the dugout and "ran" the bases - just to get a feel for the field. :)

It must have been lucky because Ben crashed 2 home runs in his game today! Way to go Ben!!! BYU - here we come!!


Chris said...

You guys SO trespassed! :) Fun for the guys, though. Do you guys ever take them to minor league games? I always had a blast doing that even though I was spoiled with 3G's season tickets to Dodger games so often.

JJ Bitton said...

Awesome! I wish I could have been there!

Salcido said...

Don't worry, we plan on being here for a while. Besides we won't move anywhere unless you guys come with us. We would miss you too much! We gotta keep the boys together!

J+S said...

Scott gets an All Sports Pass at BYU since he's a football season ticket holder, and the pass gets you into baseball games free. If you are up here with your boys and you guys want to go, just say the word.