Friday, April 17, 2009

our BESTEST friends!!

One of the FIRST things we did when we got to Utah was visit our bestest friends . . . the Ostler's! We sure love you guys!!

Brett and Andrew ( 2 months apart), Justy and Ben ( 3 months apart), Ellie and Gracie ( 3 months apart), now we think they need a 4th so Brik has a buddy!

Brett and Andrew met in swim lessons at 2 years old and had the most amazing connection! We are all sure they were buddies in heaven. In fact, they often referred to each other as, "My brother from another mother!" :) They still consider each other best friends and are hoping to room together at BYU and then head off on missions to the same location so they can be companions together . . .Who knows . . . Justin and Ben were nicknamed "Trouble One and Trouble Two" when they were just a few months old! They are peas in a pod and love all the same things - army, guns, Wii and especially blue ice cream!!

Ellie and Gracie had a fun time getting to know each other all over again. Obviously they took to each other quite well!

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